The Shadow Knows is a music fanzine which was founded in 2021 by James Gaunt in Melbourne, Australia.

The fanzine is published online regularly. A print edition was published twice yearly between 2021-2023 but has been put on hold. Each print edition is priced at AUD $10 (excluding postage) and is available from our online store.

The online edition is the same as the print edition, just with a different layout. It is hosted on Medium as this allows us to be paid for our work.


When is the next issue published?

Following our fourth issue in March 2023, the print edition has been put on hold. Articles will continue to appear online regularly.

Do you take submissions?

Not at the moment.

Do you take suggestions or tips? I want to read about [Insert Name].

Yes, we do take suggestions, but we can’t promise when or if they will appear in a future issue.

How can I contact you?

Our contact details are here.

I am trying to read your articles on Medium but it says I have to pay. Why?

All of our articles on Medium (minus the Intro/Outro and Reviews pages) are behind a soft paywall. This means you can read a set amount of articles across Medium each month for free before it asks you to become a member. When a paid member reads our articles we receive a small amount of money which helps to support us.

For any other queries feel free to get in contact with us.