Issue Two

Issue Two launched December 2021.

You can read it online here, or by using the links below.


Feature: Who Is Tony Lawrence — If you’ve watched Summer of Soul then you’ve seen Tony in his role as MC of the Harlem Cultural Festival. Not much is known about the man, but we’ve put together what we could find.

Interview: B-side — The French rapper heard on a handful of rap hits by Fab Five Freddy and Afrika Bambaataa was actually an American named Ann Marie Boyle, aka B-Side. We spoke to her about her early music career.

Interview: Philip Samartzis — This Australian sound artist has visited Antarctica multiple times to record the continent’s extreme weather. We found out more.

Interview: Astro Sounds — Australia’s newest hip hop record label started putting instrumental beats on wax this year. We asked what it’s like to set up a record label during a pandemic.

Feature: Groovin’ To The Max : Marlboro Music — In the 1990s Philip Morris was running a record label using the iconography of their popular Marlboro cigarette brand. The label collaborated with UK based Mo’ Wax on several releases, and these days many people refuse to believe it was even real. We talked to the people who were there.

Interview: Donut Productions — Marc Lariviere was part of Donut Productions, who released a rare album with Marlboro Music. He spoke to us about his time with the group, and what he’s been up to since.

Interview: Steven Harris — Based in Adelaide, Steven has released two synth heavy solo albums on cassette following his work with Melbourne band NUN. We spoke about his new album, and the gear he uses to make his music.

Feature: Jazz In Transition — Transition Records released less than 20 albums, but they included early John Coltrane and Sun Ra, with founder Tom Wilson going on to work with Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground, and more.

Feature: New Zealand’s Lathe Record Cutting Master — Peter King has become a legend in the lathe record community for his years of service.

Reviews — There’s been stacks of great albums out this year and we’ve picked some of our favourites we were listening to while putting together this issue. We also review books on Serge Gainsbourg, Nico, and women in rap.

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Online Only Bonus Articles
Following publication we published these accompanying articles:
Feature: Celluloid Records — The French Label Who Released The Freshest Rap Records of 1982
Feature: Pressure Drop — The 90s English Duo Who Made It Big In Germany
Feature: Five of their best: Tony Lawrence
Feature: Transition Records – The Complete Discography
Feature: 5 Aussie Albums You Have To Hear

Note: the following errors were found following the printed edition going to press. Whoops!

In the Intro ‘Welcome’ has a typo.

In Who Is Tony Lawrence it refers to Major Foods’ Maxwell House Coffee, but this should be General Foods’ Maxwell House Coffee.