Issue Four

Issue Four launched March 2023.

You can read it online here, or by using the links below.

Intro / Outro

Feature: Toshio Nakanishi — On the early career of Toshi, founding member of Plastics and Melon, who introduced the world to the sounds of Japanese New Wave before taking hip hop back to Tokyo and starting Major Force Records.

Feature: Summersault — The Summersault music festival was held over the summer of 1995/96 in Australia and has remained a highlight in the memories of all who were there. Stephen “Pav” Pavlovic founded the festival and has recently been celebrating it again with an art exhibition in Sydney. We spoke about his legacy, and that of Summersault.

Interview: Maria Moles — Australian percussionist Maria Moles give a career spanning interview and reveals the secret behind the creation of her recent album artwork.

Interview: Jberr — Jack Berryman is an Australian electronic musician, who has been sending their music out to the world under the name jberr. They discussed their latest project.

Feature: Hania Rani — The minimal pianist from Poland Hania Rani has become increasingly popular with each album release. As her latest album was being teased, we took a look at her career so far.

Feature: Free Tibet — Beginning in 1996, Tibetan Freedom Concerts were held around the world and the Free Tibet movement was promoted and followed by musicians and music fans alike. Tibet still isn’t free, but the movement continues. We look back at the concerts, and to the future.

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