Issue #3 out now

Our third issue is available to read online now, or to purchase from our store. Inside you’ll find interviews with Oksana Linde, Nicole Willis, Parsley Sound, Rich Thair, and the record labels Buh Records, Bunyip Trax, and Garden Seat, alongside an article on Freddy Logan and The Three Out.

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Transition Records — The Complete Discography

Following our article on Tom Wilson and his jazz label Transition Records, we’ve compiled the complete discography of Transition, including release dates and recording dates where available. We’ve also highlighted the many unreleased records which Transition announced in its short life.

Read the article here.

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April Mix

Looking back and listening to some of the songs reviewed in our second issue. Featuring Punk, Soul, Folk, Electronica, Jazz. Listen on Mixcloud.

1 – Altar of Eden — Phantom Image
2 – Fantasy 15 — Percy St.
3 – Love Supreme – Sun (Acoustic)
4 – Mount Maxwell — The People’s Forest
5 – Hélène Vogelsinger — Rebirth
6 – Mabe Fratti — Que Me Hace Saber Esto
7 – Xhosa Cole Quartet – What’s New

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Five of their best: Tony Lawrence

Tony Lawrence at the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival

We wrote about Tony Lawrence and his Harlem Cultural Festival in our second issue. Now here’s an article looking at five of his songs which you can listen to now on YouTube.

Read the article here.

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March Mix & New Article

After a short break we’re back with a new article on Pressure Drop, the English duo Justin Langlands and Dave Henley who released their first two albums on Marlboro Music in Germany.

Read the article here. Then listen to our latest mix here. It includes Justin and Dave’s productions as Pressure Drop and Blood Brothers, as well as some selections from their London Underground compilations from the early 90s and a few other related beats.


  1. Pressure Drop – Back 2 Back
  2. Blood Brothers – Transfusion
  3. D*Note – The Scheme Of Things
  4. Marden Hill– Come On
  5. Palm Skin Productions – Like Brothers
  6. Raw Stylus  – Pushing Against The Flow
  7. A-Team – Trouble (Parts 1 & 2) 
  8. Cane Matto – Taxi
  9. Pressure Drop – You’re Mine (Leftfield Remix) 

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Issue #2 Available In Store

After launching last month, issue #2 of The Shadow Knows is available to purchase in store at  Readings bookstore in Carlton. It’s currently located at the back of the store at their music desk.

Both issue #1 and #2 can also still be purchased from our online store here.

Spread across 40 pages, issue #1 includes interviews with Anika about her new solo work, David Toop on his 1985 book Rap Attack, Mark Daniels of Marden Hill about their lost album, and a look at the career of jazz organist Brother Jack McDuff, and Australia’s record presses. Read it here.

Across 50 pages, issue #2 includes a look at Tony Lawrence the founder of the Harlem Cultural Festival, an interview with 80s rapper B-side, Australian sound artist Philip Samartzis discusses his work in Antarctica, the true story of German record label Marlboro Music, a look at Tom Wilson’s Transition Records, and interviews with Marc of Donut Productions, Astro Sounds Records, and musician Steven Harris. Read it here.

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December Mix

Celebrating the release of our second issue we’ve made a mix including some of the artists and topics discussed. Opening with a rare track from Tony Lawrence, before cutting between some new and old hip hop from Astro Sounds Records, Beside, and Mo’ Wax.

Listen on Mixcloud.

1 – Tony Lawrence – Harlem Cultural Festival
2 – Flushmaster Soup – Goo Boo!
3 – DJ Krush – Kemuri
4 – Floatmaster Soup – Jus’ Freaky
5 – UNKLE – Rock On (Nutcracker Mix)
6 – Afrika Bambaataa – Wildstyle
7 – Donut Productions – Rackus Amongus
8 – Beside – Change The Beat
9 – Pryyhic – Sunken Dungeon

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Issue #2 Out Now

Our second issue is available to read online now, or to purchase from our store. Inside you’ll find interviews with B-Side, Steven Harris, Philip Samartzis, Astro Sounds, alongside articles on Marlboro Music, Tony Lawrence and Transition Records.

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November Mix

Our latest mix features a bit of soul and some other surprises to end the month with.

Listen on Mixcloud.

1 – In Motion Collective – Jesse’s Jing
2 – Gene Washington & The Ironsides – Next to You
3 – Lady Wray – Piece Of Me
4 – The Ghosters – Hey Lover
5 – Alba & The Mighty Lions – Matemática (Instrumental) 
6 – The Resonaires – Standing With You
7 – DeRobert & The Half-Truths – Cop Cars and Taxis
8 – Camellia Hartman & The Soulful Saints – Return the Favor

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Five of their best: Jazz organist Brother Jack McDuff

Jack McDuff 25 Sep 1961, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA. Photo Francis Wolff (Source)

Brother Jack McDuff was a prolific jazz organist who released over 50 albums, and appeared on session with Willis Jackson, Bill Jennings, and George Benson. 

We previously wrote about his career, but now we’re highlight five of his best albums. Read our picks here.

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