March Mix & New Article

After a short break we’re back with a new article on Pressure Drop, the English duo Justin Langlands and Dave Henley who released their first two albums on Marlboro Music in Germany.

Read the article here. Then listen to our latest mix here. It includes Justin and Dave’s productions as Pressure Drop and Blood Brothers, as well as some selections from their London Underground compilations from the early 90s and a few other related beats.


  1. Pressure Drop – Back 2 Back
  2. Blood Brothers – Transfusion
  3. D*Note – The Scheme Of Things
  4. Marden Hill– Come On
  5. Palm Skin Productions – Like Brothers
  6. Raw Stylus  – Pushing Against The Flow
  7. A-Team – Trouble (Parts 1 & 2) 
  8. Cane Matto – Taxi
  9. Pressure Drop – You’re Mine (Leftfield Remix)